Austin Brisco

Austin Brisco is one of the founders, President, and Treasurer of the Texas Wolfdog Project & Shelter ("TWPS"), and has dedicated his life to the well being of wolves, wolfdogs, and northern breed dogs. Austin formerly served four years on the Board of Directors of St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary and six years as President and Treasurer of the Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue ("GHGSDR"). Austin, along with many other wonderful GHGSDR leaders, was instrumental in increasing volunteer rolls for GHGSDR to well over 100 volunteers, ensuring the financial solvency of the rescue through astute financial management and fundraising, and educating the public regarding the German Shepherd breed. Under his leadership, GHGSDR was responsible for saving more than 700 German Shepherd dogs from being euthanized or living lives of misery. Austin is also an avid wolf watcher in Yellowstone National Park and has followed the northern tier packs since 2009. In addition to these volunteer activities, Austin works at Shell Oil as a Financial Analyst.

In July 2013, Austin purchased the five acres on which TWPS sits and currently resides there taking care of the various residents, including his own two wolfdogs, Baeore and Reagan. Since the inception of TWPS, Austin has led efforts in obtaining a 501c3 designation, growing volunteer rolls to 25–30 people, and alongside volunteers, building 13 large enclosures with donated funds and materials. Austin’s experiences at St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary and GHGSDR has been invaluable in getting TWPS off to such a successful start.

Austin has completed the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) Animal Control Officer (ACO) training and has been certified.