Texas Wolfdog Project & Shelter was formed in June of 2013 by Austin Brisco and a group of experienced wolf & dog rescuers who saw a need for a shelter for wolfdogs and special need canines where the animals could be rescued, rehabilitated, and found suitable homes or sanctuaries. Austin’s inspiration for founding Texas Wolfdog Project & Shelter was his experience in rescuing his own wolfdog Timber, whose story you can read here.

Our goals were not only to rescue these animals, but also to help educate the public about wolfdogs and their characteristics and distinctions from other dog breeds. Most of the public harbor misunderstandings about these animals which leads to misrepresentation, negligence, and in some cases death of the animal.

We started with just two enclosures and four animals in the beginning of 2016; now, at the start of 2023, we have 13 enclosures and 25 animals currently under our care. We are a 501c3 all volunteer licensed shelter in the State of Texas. Come learn more about us and our animals by scheduling your visit today!

Mission Statement

Texas Wolfdog Project and Shelter Inc. is an all volunteer and donation based rescue dedicated to saving as many wolfdogs and northern breed dogs in the State of Texas as is humanely possible. This will be based on available foster homes, suitable adoptive homes and of course, financial resources for veterinary care, transportation and basic care of the residents of Texas Wolfdog Project. We support responsible ownership and public education, as well as promoting education for other rescue groups, shelters and animal control facilities concerning proper wolfdog identification, evaluation and care.