This masterpiece of a dog is named Diablo, and he’s a seamless blend of German Shepherd and Husky. Diablo is an absolutely gorgeous animal who needs to be on the cover of dog magazines. Diablo is almost two years old and he’s shepherd-sized. He’s packs a ton of energy. He won’t do well in an apartment. He needs a big, fenced yard so he can run and burn off that energy. Diablo is young, athletic and active.
This boy has to run and play. He needs long walks on a regular basis. Like every day. Diablo will do best with an experienced dog owner who understands his need to romp and bounce and can manage the stubbornness of his husky side. He’s a very sweet boy who would also love to curl up on the couch with you. Diablo is social and bonds easily and firms up our belief that he belongs in home with an experienced dog owner who can handle his energy, strength and stubborn streak and devote the time and interaction he needs to be happy He's good with other large dogs, kids and people. He can't be with cats at all. He's current on all vaccinations,  neutered and micro-chipped! 

  • Sex:male
  • Age:2020
  • Spay / Neuter:yes
  • Micro-chipped:yes