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January 11, 2020

Good morning friends of Texas Wolfdog Project! Have you met our sweet senior, Yaffa? Yaffa is approximately 9 years old and has been with us since March of 2019. If you've seen her on a tour or during a visit, then you know how special she is, and that is why we are here today.

During a recent examination, Yaffa was found to have a growth. It was determined that the growth was a cancerous tumor and thankfully, it was caught early enough before it had a chance to spread. The tumor is in a very delicate spot, making its removal very difficult. We are having her treated at Texas A&M Veterinary Teaching Hospital in College Station.

Without this surgery, her life expectancy is only six months but with surgery, Yaffa should expect to live for several more years.

Our supporters mean the world to us, and any donation made will go directly towards her vet bills. Our estimate for the final cost is $5,000. Any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated!

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