Hi there, my name is Vulcan and I am a super handsome young guy.  My first couple of months of life were tough, I was starved and left to wonder around the city, eventually I was picked up by Animal Control and kept at a shelter were I was scared and my health continued to deteriorate, you can see the pictures below.  Eventually though my rescuers from Texas Wolfdog came and my journey to being my super handsome self-began.  I love my foster brother Malakai and sister Waya. 

Malakai and I like to play a lot and I am a very active woofer so my fosters feels like a home with another active young dog would be ideal.  Sometimes I can be a little shy to new people but I quickly warm up and become friends.  I am a growing boy so will probably be pretty big by the time I am grown, I will need adequate containment for any home I go to including dig and climb guard.  I also really enjoy my walks with my foster brother and sister. 

So if you are looking for a young woofer who you are willing to commit to teaching and working with as I grow up and mature pleases come out to visit me at the rescue.