Cree was a 4 year old mid content rescue from a local TX shelter. Cree came to us in June of 2016. He was skin and bones upon arrival to TWP and only warmed up to a few individual there but the ones he did warm up to, he quickly showed them his goofy and extremely loving and gentle personality. Shortly after his arrival to TWP he was diagnosed with heartworm disease and soon after that we later learned just how severe that infection was and how it was taking a toll on his body. A few months after arrival and through many courses of medication and hours of vet care, Cree was euthanized due to congestive heart failure, a secondary issue brought upon by the severity of his heartworm infection. Though he never got his happy ending by way of adoption, I feel like he was a happy ending in so many ways despite his short time on this earth. I truly believe he knew he was loved and that was what he was waiting for. We miss Cree dearly and he holds a special place in our heart.