Hi, Bandit here! I just joined Texas Wolfdog Project in November of 2022. In a happy coincidence, I was surrendered by my owner shortly after my sister and littermate Dakota came to TWP, too. We were so happy to see each other again!  I was originally purchased as a puppy at the Wynnwood Zoo from the infamous Joe Exotic back in 2018. Unfortunately, I did not have a lot of chances at socialization in my original home, so I am still pretty shy when I meet new people. Walks are new for me too, but I am slowly learning to trust and enjoy being around people. I really love cheese, playing with my sister Dakota, and enjoying long naps. The volunteers at TWP say I’m a sweet boy and they have high hopes that I will continue coming out of my shell. If you're interested, please make an appointment to come see me and the other woofers here at Texas Wolfdog!

*Bandit is currently undergoing heartworm treatment and will not be available for adoption until his course of treatment is completed.

  • Sex:male
  • Born:2018
  • Weight:94
  • Spay / Neuter:yes
  • Heartworm Status:positive
  • Micro-chipped:yes
  • Housetrained:No

Good with big dogs:

Outdoor Enclosure:
Requirements will be determined once the home visit has been completed.

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