Evie is our beautiful high content girl with a unique personality. Coming from a less-than-ideal former home, Evie is very shy but slowly learning to enjoy interacting with humans. She may not be interested in pets or belly rubs, but she’s highly curious and wants to investigate everything—jewelry, clothing, and especially pockets that might contain treats. Scent rubbing on hair products, perfume, and other fragrances is her favorite way to interact with people, much to the delight of our guests.

Potential adopters will need to have a large outdoor containment up to USDA standards and be aware of the special needs of high content wolfdogs.

  • Sex:female
  • Born:2020
  • Weight:67
  • Spay / Neuter:yes
  • Heartworm Status:negative
  • Micro-chipped:yes
  • Housetrained:No

Good with big dogs:

Outdoor Enclosure:

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