Hey there names Karuna, though some say I have more in common with a grasshopper than a wolfdog as I love to jump!  I am also a huge waterdog and love swimming in both pools and my tubs, in face the volunteers had to bring an extra large tub in my enclosure so I would not splash all the water out.  I am a very energetic boy and will need a home that can find an outlet for all my energy.  Being young and curious I like to find things to get into when inside so will defintely need more of an outdoor setup with indoor supervision only.  I get along with some female dogs who are good at dealing with me being a little bossy.  One of my most special traits is how friendly I am with all people and kids, I love getting attention and pets and are quickly becoming a favorite with the volunteers and visitors.   If you are interested in meeting me make an appointment with Texas Wolfdog to come visit me!  

  • Sex:male
  • Born:2021
  • Weight:77
  • Spay / Neuter:yes
  • Heartworm Status:negative
  • Micro-chipped:yes
  • Housetrained:Yes

Good with big dogs:

Outdoor Enclosure:
Requirements will be determined once the home visit has been completed.

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