Shadow was adopted in February of 2023 and is now happily sharing a home with former TWP adoptee Lori, now named Chelan.


Shadow is one of the newer additions at TWP, having arrived in January of 2023. In his former life, Shadow was a model-in-training, but despite his magazine-cover good lucks, modeling was not the right career path for him; there were too many scary cameras and lights and props. Here at TWP he is slowly warming up to the volunteers, taking treats, accepting a few scritches here and there, and learning that walks can be fun. He warmed up to his new penmate Harper much more quickly, and he spends much of his time romping around his enclosure with her. An ideal home for Shadow would be one that accepts his timid nature and is willing to provide him with a comfortable environment and gentle encouragement. Unlike many wolfdogs, Shadow would also make an excellent addition to a home security system, as he's quick to alert all of us at TWP if a new car drives onto the property. Contact us if you're interested in meeting this gorgeous boy!

  • Sex:male
  • Born:2020
  • Spay / Neuter:yes
  • Heartworm Status:negative

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