Bast is a low-content who lives at TWP alongside his Mom, a full-time volunteer at the shelter, and his adopted sisters, Midna and Zelda. Adopted by accident—he was labeled a “Belgian Shepherd” at the pound—his personality singlehandedly convinced his mom, Karli, that she wanted to work with wolfdogs moving forward. It’s also earned him the nickname “Marshmallow” here at TWP. Although he occasionally gets up to mischief, Bast is one of the sweetest and most laidback wolfdogs at the shelter. Unlike many wolfdogs, he also has a low prey drive and has assisted in fostering kittens. He’s an eminent example of how every wolfdog is an individual and there are exceptions to every rule of wolfdog behavior.

As you can see from the photos, Bast is phasing—becoming more grey and less solid black over time.