High Content Wolfdogs

Gorgeous High content wolfdogs

85%-98% depending on breeding and F-Gen

High content animals are nearly to fully indistinguishable from a pure wolf. Some subtle (key word being subtle) dog traits may be present in some lower percentage high contents (such as an 85% F1) and high contents with higher F-gens (such as a 90% F3). Some subtle traits may include: slightly larger or offset ears, slightly shorter or bulkier muzzles, a slight curve in the tail or a slightly thicker build. Both male and female high contents should cycle and reproduce like a pure wolf and give birth to dark, solid-colored puppies that are uniform in looks (see wolf reproduction). Behaviors will be consistent with that of a pure wolf or very close to it. High content puppies will be pulled and bottle fed at an early age to ensure proper bonding and socialization. Even then, high contents may still be extremely reactive and sensitive to different situations and novel stimuli, such as riding in the car, a beeping microwave, or being around strangers. High contents will require the proper experience and a large, secure outdoor enclosure.