Low Content Wolfdogs

Due to increasing filial numbers/F-Generation numbers, or how many generations removed from a PURE wolf and substandard breeding practices, there is much more variety and/or lowering of content overall, especially in the mid % range in more recent litters.

A variety of low content wolfdogs

(Up to 50%)

While low contents should express some wolf-like characteristics, there are some, due to poor breeding and the short end of the genetic lottery, that express little to no characteristics.  Most will cycle and breed like a dog, though few may retain a wolf-like breeding pattern.  Puppies can be born any color, though some do retain a wolfy type coat as a puppy.  Most will closely resemble the dog breed(s) in their background with a few noticeable wolf traits that will be scattered throughout their phenotype. Most lower contents are on a similar socialization and handling level as a northern breed. Most adapt to living in the house, however there are some low contents that may require secure containment or a more experienced owner.

Due to the mislabeling of animals and lack of knowledge and experience with identification- low contents and northern breed dogs are often mistaken for or represented as high content. 

Though some may argue, a well-bred low content should not look just like a dog. Many of the wolfdogs that are being bred today (most of which end up in rescue) are not well bred.


Low content variationsLow content wolfdog with Malamute and GSD compared to an AKC Malamute


 Compare these low content wolves
Siblings showing the more dog-like variation in a low content (approx. 30-40%) F4 litter when breeding two low contents of higher f-gen together.
The father is also known for throwing very strong dog traits (malamute).