Wolf ears

WOLVES: Ears are small to medium in size, are set moderately high on the head, and are triangular in shape, having a very well furred and “cupped” appearance. The ears are angled somewhat outwards and the outer base lines up with the angle of their eyes as seen in the two top photos. Wolves’ ears also tend to be more rounded at the tips, are very thick and strongly upright.

Types of dog ears

DOGS:  Dog ears can range from extra-long and floppy to unnaturally cropped. Dogs with a more natural ear set include:

  • Siberian huskies - Generally have medium, triangular ears that are moderately to well furred, set high on the head, and are of moderate thickness.
  • Alaskan malamutes - Typically have medium to large triangular ears that are moderately to well furred and set wide on the head. Their ears are also of moderate thickness.
  • German shepherds - Usually have much larger/taller triangular ears that are more open, poorly to moderately furred, and set high on the head. Their ear leather tends to be thin in comparison to some other dog breeds.