The sharp claws for digging on a wolfs paw

WOLVES: Wolves have disproportionately large paws with long, well arched toes. The middle toes are longer, creating a snowshoe-like appearance. Wolves also have webbed feet with the webbing extending about halfway between the toes. The nails are thick and black or dark brown, with the exception of Arctic wolves, which can have taupe-colored nails (as seen above in the top left and middle left photos). ALL nails should be the same color. Dew claws are fully attached and only found on the front paws.

The more flat and rounded paws of a dog

DOGS: Dogs can have a wide variety of paws, ranging from large to small, longer and hare-like to more compact and cat-like. Dogs’ paws are typically smaller and flatter than a wolf’s. Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes tend to have more rounded and compact paws. German shepherds can have larger and more elongated paws, though they typically lack the arch, width and overall size of a wolf’s paw. Webbing can be found on many dog breeds, especially hunting breeds and northern breeds. All dogs have front dew claws; however, many can also have rear dew claws—either single or double, which are seen in most livestock guardian dogs. Dogs’ nails can be white, clear, taupe, black or even half and half, and nails on the same dog (even on the same paw) can be different colors!