TWP provides our fosters with all the support they need to make the fostering experience as easy and rewarding as possible.  The rescue provides all Veterinary care, food, grooming, and if necessary training to help get our foster dog ready for their forever home.  

Often time's people say I could never foster because I could never give the dog up, we find that fostering can be one of the most rewarding experiences in that you are not only helping to save a life but when your dog gets adopted you are giving a family one of the most precious gifts one can give, a loving family member.  

TWP gets many animals both Wolfdogs and Northern breed dogs that have been misidentified as Wolfdogs, all of which need loving homes to foster them.  Depending on certain fencing and legal restrictions in the area we are very careful in what dogs we place in our foster homes and work very closely with our foster volunteers.   

Are you ready to make a difference in a dog’s life?   If so please read our foster policy and submit an application today using the on-line Foster Application. Our Foster Coordinator will follow up with you.

If you have any question about fostering please feel free to email our Foster Coordinator or call 855-TWP-WOLF!


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