Texas Wolfdog Project is actively looking for hard working volunteers interested in making a difference for our animals and helping to raise awareness about wolfdogs and other special needs canines. Volunteers are needed for weekday and Saturday shifts at the shelter as well as helping out with adoption processing, event planning, fundraising, and grants.

If you have a passion for helping out animals in need and would like to work with an extraordinary group of people and animals please fill out the volunteer application below. We do have volunteer opportunities for kids 14 years and up who are accompanied by a parent or guardian.



  • Any interactions between a minor and any of the animals must be supervised by a lead volunteer and will be at the discretion of the lead volunteer.
  • Do not enter an animal enclosure without a lead volunteer present.
  • Always make sure when entering or exiting the animals’ enclosures that gates are shut and latched before opening up the other gate to enter or exit the enclosure.
  • Safety equipment is a must when working with power tools.
  • If you are working in an enclosure while animals are present, make sure ALL loose items are secure, accounted for, and out of the animals’ reach.
  • If an animal does happen to get an item, do NOT try to take it away from them. Alert a lead volunteer immediately so they can safely retrieve the item
  • Take breaks and stay hydrated while working. TWPS will provide water.
  • If you become injured or don’t feel well, immediately seek assistance from a lead volunteer.
  • When the workday is over, we ask that you help to pick up.
  • When leaving for the day, please let someone know.

Hate computers? Send us your application by mail!

Texas Wolfdog Project
24874 Weeren Rd
Montgomery, Tx 77316

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Emergency Contact

*After submitting the volunteer form we will review and reach out to you within 48 hours.  
*New volunteers are required to take a paid tour prior to starting